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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've got bupkis!

I've been busy but that's no excuse I suppose. I've just not been motivated to write. So what have I been doing? Let's see...

Last week it was time for the annual rite of nearly winter- ski movies! On Thursday night I headed out to Weber State for the Teton Gravity Research movie, Under the Influence. On Saturday night it was time for the granddaddy of ski movie maker's, Warren Miller's Children of Winter. These two films come around every fall and they bring out all the skiers and snowboarders for a chance to hoot and holler over the unbelieveable scenes filled all around the world by the most fearless of pro skiers. The films really are filled with some heart stopping scenes of the wildest skiing and they're great fun. So I went out for the annual ritual with all the rest of the powderhounds.

Saturday was a day of chores and grocery shopping. On Sunday the BSU and I took a drive to see the fall leaves out through the mountains but we should have gone a couple weeks ago as most of the leaves in the higher elevations were gone so it was a bit of an anticlimax.

We did have lunch in Park City and a short walk around town and that turned into a mighty pleasant outing for both of us. I even have a couple pictures from the day but right now they are just prints. When I get upstairs and connected to the scanner, I'll add some pictures to this post.

So that's about it really. Work, play, sleep, repeat as required.

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